What can I expect from Psychotherapy?

During our first sessions we will discuss your reason for seeking therapeutic support and goals of treatment. You will decide if you wish to continue working with me as your therapist. If so, we will work together to create an individualized and healing experience. 

What is Yoga Therapy & what can I expect from a session?

Yoga Therapy uses the mindfulness practices of yoga to process emotions. The focus is to tune in and become aware of the body’s sensations.

Although we often think of feelings and emotions occurring in the mind, emotions related to trauma or past pain often manifest in the body. Yoga therapy helps us become aware of our mind-body connection and release painful emotions we hold onto in our bodies, thus allowing us to fully process and heal from past pain. 

A Yoga Therapy session is individualized for each client. It can be held in an office or studio setting and done as an individual or group therapy session. A session includes a combination of breathing exercises, meditation, guided imagery, focused movement and flow, journaling or verbal processing. 

What is Sand Play Therapy & what can I expect from a session?

Sand Play Therapy allows the client to process emotions stored in the unconscious. In order to cope with daily life we often avoid experiencing painful material. The sand tray acts as a safe space for clients to express difficult emotions through the use of symbolic figures. The therapist and client then process together what unfolded in the sand in order for the client to move past and heal from painful material. 

How do I start the process?

Contact me by phone or email with any questions regarding therapy and to schedule your first appointment (see Contact section). It is your choice after our first session if you would like to proceed with therapeutic services. If so, we will work together to discuss goals and create an individualized plan that best meet your needs. 

Do you take insurance?

I am considered an ”out -of-network provider” and therefore claims can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. All services are eligible for reimbursement depending on your coverage. You should contact your insurance company BEFORE your first session for information regarding your deductible and  reimbursement amounts. I will provide all information and codes needed for you to submit your claim. 

Where are you located?

My office is located at 560 Main Street, Loch Arbour, NJ. Larger yoga groups and workshops may be held at Younique Yoga in Allenhurst and Highlands, NJ.