Services & Fees


Individual Psycotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is a time for self exploration and growth. All sessions are client centered and individualized to meet specific needs and goals. Stephanie meets all of her clients with great respect and compassion. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long. Find fee information at the bottom of this page


Yoga Therapy

Although we often think of feelings and emotions occurring in the mind, emotions related to past or present pain often manifest in the body. Yoga Therapy helps us become aware of our mind-body connection and release painful emotions we hold onto in our bodies, thus Yoga Therapy is an effective tool to process and heal from trauma. Yoga Therapy is individualized for the client and requires no previous yoga experience or physical ability. Sessions often include a combination of breathing techniques, meditation, guided imagery, and movement. A session typically lasts 50 minutes and can take place in an office or studio setting. 


Sand Play Therapy

Sand Play Therapy is a therapeutic tool used for children and adults  to effectively process trauma and/or difficult emotions. Sand Play Therapy promotes a deeper understanding of oneself and allows for processing of material stored in the unconscious. Adults are able to acknowledge and break free from negative patterns of behavior.Children are able to express themselves through their language of play and heal from past wounds. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long. 


Group Therapy

Group Therapy promotes growth and healing among those who relate to a similar life experiences. A community of peers can provide comfort to the therapeutic process. Group Therapy sessions are available on various topics for all age groups and typically run for 8-12 weeks. Find current or upcoming groups in the Events section.


Social Skills Training

Navigating social situations causes tremendous stress for many children and teens. Stephanie works with parents  to provide supportive guidance in order for children and teens to learn skills and develop confidence. 


Behavior Modification

All children have a desire to do well and are doing the best they can to succeed. Stephanie uses a Positive Behavior Support model to help parents teach children appropriate behavior and increase the use of such behavior by using encouragement and positive feedback. 


Family Counseling

All families experience difficulties of some form. Therapy can provide a safe and private space to process family issues and establish healthy and respectful ways of communication. Any kind of family dynamic can benefit from therapeutic support. 


Stephanie is an "out -of-network provider" and therefore a claim can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. All services provided are eligible for reimbursement. Sliding scale payment is available for some circumstances. Please contact for further information.